Baseball, Waterdown

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8.1. Protests/appeals can only be made on the basis of a violation of Baseball Rules or a WMBA rule or regulation and the Umpire's interpretation of that rule. No protests will be allowed on the basis of an umpire's judgment call.

8.2. An appeal must be made before play is called for the next batter.

8.3. The coaches of the contesting teams only shall have the right to make an appeal. Once the game has commenced, a coach may not approach the Umpires to make an appeal without having the opposing coach present during the discussion.

8.4. Following such discussion, the umpires shall consult with one another and if they are convinced that the decision is in conflict with the rules, the decision shall be reversed.

8.5. If after consultation, the umpires are convinced that the decision is not in violation of the rules, the Plate umpire will resume the game. However, should the appealing coach still disagree with the decision, he shall immediately and before play begins, notify the Plate Umpire that the game is being played under protest. The opposing coaches shall be advised by the Umpire and the game will resume. The protest must also be entered on the game card or the score book by the umpire. All protests shall be clearly written and signed by the team coach. Protests must be in the hands of the appropriate Director within twenty-four (24) hours along with a $50.00 fee. If the protest is upheld the fee will be returned.

8.6. Any protests based solely on technicalities that cannot have any bearing on the outcome of the game will not be accepted.

8.7. Protests due to the use of an ineligible player or a player not playing enough innings may be considered only if made to the Plate umpire before the last batter of the final inning or half inning has completed his turn at bat.

8.8. A protest will only be considered when based on the violation of interpretation of a playing rule, an ineligible player, or if a player does not get to play at least the playing time as set out in the rules.

8.9. Protests will be reviewed by the Executive Committee. Their decision is final in all rule infractions.