Baseball, Waterdown

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2. GENERAL (Rules apply to T-Ball, Grasshopper, Rookieball and Mosquito)

2.1. LINE-UPS including position rotations are to be shared between coaches and the umpire at ground rules. Concerns with regard to 2.3 below must be expressed prior to game start. In the event that a change to the lineup occurs during the game the coach must make the umpire and opposing coach aware of the change prior to the start of their defensive half of the inning or when the change occurs.

2.2. Free substitution will exist in all divisions.


a) No player shall sit out a second inning until each player has sat out one inning per game. The innings sat out shall not be consecutive.
b) A turn on the bench (sit) does not constitute any "position", in either the infield or the outfield.
c) NO PLAYER SHALL PLAY IN THE OUTFIELD MORE THAN 2 INNINGS PER GAME until every player has had 2 innings in the outfield.
e) A player cannot play the position of catcher for more than 3 innings per game. One pitch constitutes an inning


If in the case a coach fails to follow the lineup and player rotation without notification of a lineup change and agreement from the opposing coach that the revised lineup complies with rule 2.3 and a violation of rule 2.3 occurs, the opposing coach must approach the umpire with the observed rotation violation prior to the first out of the half-inning being made. The offending coach will be given an opportunity to correct the mistake without penalty. If the offending coach refuses to make the correction, the remainder of the game will be played under protest. On protest review, confirmed violation of this rule shall result in forfeiture of the game. (See Section 8 HOUSELEAGUE PROTESTS/APPEALS).

2.4. CALL-UPS & TEAM SIZE (Applies to Grasshopper, Rookieball and Mosquito):

a) A hardball team unable to field a team of 10 players may bring up players from the league below to add to their roster (Up to a total of 10 players). Players who are registered members of the team shall have full opportunity to play without being passed over for a call-up player.
b) Any called up player will now be part of the team roster and must play and is subject to rule 2.3.
c) Any player called up will not be allowed to pitch.
d) Call up’s must not play more innings than the least innings played by a regular roster player.
e) A team may play with 7 players. Less than 7 players will constitute forfeiture.
f) Players arriving after the start of the ball game will be added to the bottom of the batting order
g) In the event that neither side can form a legal team (of a minimum of 7 players), the game must be rescheduled. It is recommended that an EXHIBITION game will be played at this time.
h) Teams may not play with fewer players if a full rostered team is available.
i) In T-ball the team must bat the number of players in attendance every inning.
j) When bringing up players, the coach must determine that the player does not have a regular team game on the same night. Players called up to play in the next higher league may play a maximum of five games during the regular season and five games during the playoffs.

2.5. AGE: The age of a player shall be determined by their age as of December 31 of the playing year.

2.6. GAME TIMES: Starting times for regular season evening games will be as follows: 

a) WMBA houseleague games will start at 6:30 sharp and coaches are to be on the field at 6:15. In all cases, no new inning can start after: T-Ball – 7:30, Grasshopper & Rookieball – 8:00, Mosquito - 8:15 p.m. Once an inning has started, every attempt will be made to complete the inning. The game may be called by the umpire for safety reasons. Other scheduled diamond uses MAY also force the premature end of an inning. The last complete innings score will apply subject to minimum innings required.
b) 2nd games on lit diamonds will start at 8:30 p.m. No new innings will start after 10:15 p.m. Game ends at 10:55 p.m. (Lights off at 11 p.m.)
c) Starting times for day games will be set by the appropriate convener. No new inning will start 15 minutes prior to the scheduled end of a game.


a) T-Ball & Grasshopper will use the 9" Softy Ball" as supplied by The WMBA. All other divisions will use a regulation hardball as supplied by The WMBA.
b) Helmets must be worn at all times by batters, base runners and catchers. Minor aged assistant coaches or helpers under 14 must wear a helmet and chin strap while on the field.
c) Chinstraps on helmets must be fastened and worn properly.
d) Helmets with facemasks must be worn by the pitcher in Rookieball & Grasshopper.
e) All players must wear an athletic supporter with cup or jill.
f) Catcher’s equipment must consist of a chest protector, shin guards, facemask with throat protector and helmet, all of which must be worn during practice, warm-up, and games.
g) The full uniform supplied by the WMBA, consisting of hat, shirt and pants, must be worn at all times by all players while participating in a game. Any player arriving in shorts or sandals will not be allowed to play.
h) Coaches are expected to share equipment with opposing teams in situations where, due to breakage or normal wear and tear, there is insufficient safety equipment available.
i) NO player will be allowed to play wearing shoes with metal cleats except in Junior. Any player found wearing metal cleats during a game will be ejected from the game but will not serve an additional suspension.
j) Any person warming up a pitcher must wear a facemask.
k) All jewelry must be removed. MedicAlert bracelets are exempt.

2.8. TIES: Ties will not be broken except in the case of playoffs.


a) Home team is responsible for removing bases to the storage area at the end each game.
b) Home team is responsible to supply game balls.


a) The home team coach must report game scores to the convener within 24 hours of the game.
b) Win = 2 points, Loss = 0 points, Tie = 1 point

2.11. UMPIRES: Umpires must sign both game sheets upon completion of the game.


All rained out games or cancelled games must be rescheduled as soon as possible. Rescheduling is the responsibility of the home team coach and arrangements shall be reported to the league convener to allow appointment of umpires at least 3 days prior to the rescheduled game. RESCHEDULED GAMES 

WILL TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER THE USE OF DIAMONDS FOR PRACTICES. THE LEAGUE CONVENER WILL ARRANGE TO HAVE ANOTHER TEAM'S PRACTICE CANCELLED WHERE NECESSARY. The league convener will arbitrate where a mutually agreeable date cannot be reached by the two coaches.



a) The WMBA will accept registrations provided there are openings on the team.
b) No refunds after May 15th. All refunds are subject to a $25 administration fee.
c) An NSF Fee of $25 will be applied
d) The son\daughter of the coach and one (1) assistant coach will be assigned to the parent's team. Other registered players will be assigned to the various teams in an attempt to achieve a competitive balance.
e) Siblings who desire to play on the same team should so indicate on the registration form.
f) Birth certificates if requested must be presented. Failure to comply will result in child not participating in The WMBA.


The WMBA does not provide medical and dental insurance coverage for players registered. Parents and guardians are advised to obtain proper insurance coverage related to individual needs.


The playoff format is to be determined by The WMBA Executive. There will be no Playoffs in TBall.


Coaches and Umpires shall meet 5 minutes prior to game time to discuss ground rules.


a) Each team must have a scorekeeper, who should inform the players of their batting position, keep track of each player's progress on the bases and number of innings sat out, record the number of runs in each inning and record when changes are made in the lineup.
b) Before the game starts, the scorekeeper shall check the line-ups of both teams to ascertain that all players whose names appear in the opening line-up and alternate spaces are listed to play in accordance with rule 2.3. Any discrepancy must be reported to the plate umpire before the game starts. The umpire will confer with an offending coach to have the necessary corrections made.
c) One score sheet is required for each team.


a) Each team may have a manager, coach and a scorekeeper in the dugout and offensively will be allowed two coaches in the coaching boxes, one near first base and one near third base
b) Offensive coaches shall remain in the coaches box at all times.
c) Coaches may not physically assist any runner while the ball is in play (in the event that this happens, the base umpire will call the runner out at the time of the infraction).
d) Coaches shall talk to members of their team only.