Baseball, Waterdown

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WMBA Constitution

The WMBA's mission is to offer to the youth of Waterdown and area a quality baseball program for their recreation and athletic development.


WMBA Rules

These rules apply to all Houseleague activities from Blastball to Mosquito. For rules from older divisions (BOMBA Interlock or FMSA). Please visit the respective websites.


Baseball Ontario Rules


Baseball Canada Rule Interpretations

From Baseball Ontario: This rules interpretation document is a valuable resource for not only umpires within the Province, but also coaches and players alike. In 2014, Baseball Canada received permission from Major League Baseball to use the content from their Umpire Manual for its own rules interpretation document. As a result, the “Baseball Canada Umpires Committee Rule Interpretations & Case Studies” document was created and approved by the Baseball Canada Board of Directors. In early 2015, the Baseball Ontario Rules Committee reviewed and adopted the document for its use in Ontario and will be in effect commencing immediately with the 2015 season.

There are no new rules included within this document. This document is a comprehensive written resource explaining how umpires within the province interpret the rules, all of which have been common practice for years. This document also provides examples as well as approved rulings specific to certain rules.

Please read the document carefully, certain rule interpretations are still specific to baseball within Ontario and Canada; for rules specific to Ontario, please check the Baseball Ontario website. The majority of interpretations within this document align baseball in Ontario and Canada with those of professional and international baseball.