Baseball, Waterdown

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Waterdown Baseball Program    

From introductory play to advanced, Waterdown's baseball program provides an exciting and enjoyable environment for young players. We offer baseball from ages 4 to 21.  Open to both boys and girls, our league begins mixed play with Junior T-Ball and Senior T-Ball and then Softball for girls from age 8 to 20.  

Hardball is introduced in a graduated process, first focussing on developing batting and fielding skills by using a pitching machine in Rookieball (8-9 yrs) and then introducing pitching at Mosquito (10-11 yrs).  With these key skills developed, advanced base running concepts are introduced at the PeeWee (12-13 yrs) level.  Bantam, and Midget levels are available for older players. Girls are invited to participate in hardball at all ages.

Through the years, Waterdown has achieved success in competitive play at the provincial level.  To learn more about our rep and select programs see our Rep Baseball Section.

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Central Ontario Baseball Association (COBA)
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